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Have you ever wondered if you're eating the right diet, taking the right supplements or if the exercise program you are doing is really the right one for you? 

This is a question we have been asked thousands of times over the years and the general answer is "Probably not!" 

The only way to truly know what diet is the best for you, what supplements your body really needs, and what is the best type of exercise program for you is through accessing your Foundational Health Status!

Stop the guessing and frustration of trying the "Next Best Thing" and start working with your body and our personalized program.

You don't go from being in good health to diseased! You go from good health, to dysfunctional, to diseased!

Assessing Your Foundational Health Status With Our Lab Panels

The foundation for improving and maintaining optimal health begins with understanding your "Foundational Health " status. We do not just leap from being "Healthy" to "Diseased!" We move through various stages of "Foundational Breakdown and Dysfunction".  Understanding your "Foundational Health" status provides you the precise information needed to improve your overall health and wellbeing and this begins with completing your Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis!


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Complete Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis with Diet and Supplementation Plan


Comprehensive Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis with Diet and Supplementation Plan and 1 hour Consultation 

Platinum Package includes 26 test panels and 127 bio-markers with report including nutrition and supplementation plan. Plus 1-hour in-office or phone consultation.

(Over $3000.00 value)




Bloodwork (Labs)

You will be emailed a lab requisition form and given instructions on how to get to the closest blood draw center near your. There you will simply show up with your lab requisition form and ID at your convenience. No appointment necessary!



Now you have the results of the test! So what next? We provide you with a comprehensive Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis report, along with a Personalized Nutritional and Supplements Plan. If you purchased the Platinum Plan, you will also have a 1 hour live consultation with one of our Professionals. 


Why should you choose us as your Personalized Health and Wellness Partner?

Our team of Foundational Health Professionals has over 25 years of combined experience in Foundational and Personalized Health and Wellness field. We hav worked with thousands around the globe, helping them improve their health "Naturally!" Benefits

Thousands have regained and now maintain improved health and wellness with the help of the

Personalized Nutrition

We provide nutritional guidelines with all of our programs. This is based on your blood values and what is best to support optimal health and wellness.

Personalized Supplement Plan

We provide personalized supplement guidelines with all of our programs. You will never have to guess what is the best diet or supplementation you should be using. 

Highest Quality Supplements

We have partnered with several of the highest quality professional dietary supplement providers. The products are highly bio-available and have been used with thousands of clients.

Discounts on future testing

One of the benefits of is you get great discounts on labs, other Foundational Helath Testing, and future Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis.

Join the Thousands that are Taking Back Control of Their Health with FOUNDATIONAL HEALTH SOLUTIONS

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Gold Package includes 26 test panels and 127 bio-markers with report including nutrition and supplementation plan.

(Over $2000.00 value)

What is is a personalized, data-driven approach to health that uses functional blood chemistry analysis to identify imbalances and underlying health issues. Unlike traditional blood tests that only measure specific markers, takes a comprehensive approach, looking at over 120 markers to provide a more complete picture of your health status. This allows for more targeted and effective interventions to address any imbalances or deficiencies.


How does work?

The process is simple and convenient. After ordering the test online, you'll receive a kit in the mail that includes everything you need to collect a small blood sample in the comfort of your own home. Once you've collected your sample, simply send it back to us in the prepaid envelope provided. Our team of experienced functional medicine practitioners will analyze your results and provide a detailed report with personalized recommendations for optimizing your health.

Why is important for optimizing your health? is an essential tool for anyone who's serious about their health and wellbeing. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Comprehensive analysis: provides a more complete picture of your health status than traditional blood tests, allowing for more targeted interventions to address any imbalances or deficiencies.
  • Personalized recommendations: Your report includes personalized recommendations for improving your health, based on your unique needs and imbalances.
  • Proactive approach: By identifying underlying health issues early on, allows for proactive interventions that can prevent more serious health issues down the line.
  • Data-driven approach: uses data to inform your health decisions, giving you the information you need to make informed choices about your health.


At, we believe that optimal health starts with understanding your body's unique needs. With our comprehensive functional blood chemistry analysis, you can take a proactive approach to your health and make informed decisions for better health outcomes. Whether you're looking to optimize your health, manage a chronic condition, or simply take a proactive approach to your wellness, can help you achieve your goals. Order your test today and discover your foundational health.


  • Frustrated with traditional healthcare approaches that only focus on treating symptoms, rather than addressing underlying health issues
  • Finding it difficult to find a personalized and data-driven health solution that fits your lifestyle and values
  • Concerned about long-term health and wellness, and wanting to take a proactive approach to maintaining good health
  • Confused or overwhelm when trying to navigate the complex world of health and wellness information and solutions
  • Lack of clear, actionable insights into your health and wellness, and how to improve it

Does any of the following sound familiar?